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The Hunger Games Guide for New Team Leaders

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May 9, 2017

As a new Team Leader, starting off can seem a bit daunting especially when you have not had prior experience working with a lot of youth. We sympathize with you here at YVC of Western CT. For that reason, we have compiled the ultimate 4 step guide to help you kick start your new mission.


Step #1: Learn to Survive

In this first step, learning to survive simply means jump in with both feet. It is all about leaning everything you can about Youth Volunteer Corps and your respective program. Fear not, you have an amazing advantage because of YVCHQ! They are your Gale Hawthorn (Katniss's Best-Friend). They are there to teach you everything you need to know to survive and succeed. Call them! Email them! They are always one phone call or email away. I promise.


Step #2: Uncover Secrets

After you have learned mostly everything you need to know about YVC and your respective program, it is now time to start making everything that you have retained work for you. Find or create your very own ice breakers, team builders, energizers, and service learning projects. You must remember that being yourself and having fun is what it is all about. Servicing your community should be an experience not just a duty or responsibility. Make it memorable, enticing and FUN! Find your own little secrets that work for you and make your job easier. Your secrets will become "The Hob" (The black market in District 12 known as the only place to buy and sell items.) In other words, when you create your own games to play with your youth or innovative service learning projects, it is always great to share them with the other YVC programs and YVCHQ. Sharing is caring!


Step #3: Build Your Own District

In other words, build fundamental relationships. This step is crucial because you must not only build authentic relationships with your youth but also with agencies in your area. Collectively, the goal is to cultivate relationships and partnerships that are sustainable and genuine. Get to know your youth on a personal level. Their likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies etc. It goes a long way in building your credibility with them and it allows you the opportunity to connect with them as well.


Step #4: Become the Best Team Leader You Can Be

Being genuine in your efforts to make your respective program the best it can be is the number one way that you will become the best team leader. Focus on what you can do to create opportunities for your youth volunteers and implement them. Encourage your youth to use their voice and express to you what they want to gain from the program. Really listen to them and execute their thoughts in the form of projects, service learning, etc. This is their program and so long as you have their best interest at heart, you will be the best of the best. (I think Katniss would approve) :)

I think you are ready now to enter the Hunger Games. You will do amazing! *Three Finger Salute*